Yosha J Photography

Hi, I'm Yosha, owner of Yosha J Photography! I specialise in Wedding, Engagement, Proposal, Family and Portrait photography.

I capture enduring, timeless and magical moments of love. I've been on a humbling and gratifying quest to give these fleeting and finite memories back to the people I create for. The core of what I document is people: couples, families, friends, individuals. Out of all of these, couples and their celebration of love holds a special place in my heart.

Being part of a wedding is truly a joyous and intimate experience: I get to witness and share the vulnerabilities and deep connections that bind together relationships. This pure triumph of love is, for me, the definition of beauty. What better job than to document this celebration? Knowing this, not only fuels my love for photography but also reminds me that each story is distinct and deserves the same care and compassion that it is founded on. That's why it's incredibly important for me to get to know and work hand-in-hand with my couples so I can capture their story in the true glory it deserves! Whether it's the small details like your pinkys locked underneath the table, or glorious moments watching the warm sunset embraced in each other's arms- I capture the memories that you can cry, laugh and fall in love again 10, 30, 50 years from now.

I'd love to hear about your story. Reach out on enquiries@yoshajphotography.com for package enquiries or visit www.yoshajphotography.com to learn more. Follow my journey and see more of my recent work on Instagram @yoshaj.photography